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If you’ve ever owned a traditional vacuum cleaner, you may have noticed it loses its effectiveness after the first few uses. 95% of vacuum cleaners sold in the United States don’t seal properly where the vacuum meets the filter. Unfortunately, these tiny cracks release hundreds of bacteria, viruses, infections, and diseases back into the air you breathe.

The RobotPro company rose from a passion for bringing a healthier cleaning solution to homes and businesses across the United States. After dedicating a significant amount of time and effort to research, RobotPro traveled across country lines to bring a more efficient vacuum to United States residents and businesses.

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RobotPro founder, Armando Compean, knew from a young age that he would someday be a successful business owner.

While he never imagined that the cleaning industry would be the focus of his work, he was driven to become an entrepreneur. While chasing his dreams of owning his own barbershop, Compean worked two jobs to complete cosmetology school until he was inspired to follow another career path.

While working as a security officer for a local non-profit, Compean decided to pursue a sales career. After uprooting his family from San Antonio to Houston, he began working for a prominent vacuum cleaner company.

After suffering from allergies while using his household vacuum cleaner, Compean wondered why so many of these products seemed to cause more of a problem than they did provide a cleaning solution.

When he realized how harmful most of the vacuum cleaners were in the United States, his passion grew to find a solution. After long hours and using multiple resources, Compean found a filtration system that uses water and air in motion to vacuum and even purify the air. He traveled outside of the US for a demonstration and couldn’t believe how effective the machine was in eliminating harmful contaminants from everyday surfaces. RobotPro soon emerged as the innovative solution hundreds of thousands of Americans needed for better living and improved health.

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While a global pandemic didn’t inspire it, RobotPro’s emergence couldn’t have come at a better time. RobotPro leverages air and water power to deliver innovative, comprehensive cleaning that goes beyond vacuuming with two powerful cleaning systems. As the master distributor of these unique cleaning systems, RobotPro is the only trusted seller of these products in the United States.

Customers love RobotPro products’ benefits as they eliminate harmful contaminants from their living spaces, purifying the air at home or work for better living and improved health.

RobotPro is committed to being the eco-friendly, medically certified solution to all your cleaning needs. Customers can now remove 99.9% of bacteria and trap 99.9% of dirt from everyday surfaces with a single cleaning system. With a variety of accessories, RobotPro offers 360º cleaning that reaches into all the nooks and crannies where dirt and germs hide. Dirt and bacteria are trapped in the water tank to be removed entirely from your environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly taught us that we never know where bacteria, viruses, diseases, and other harmful germs may lie. When health is a priority, RobotPro is the cleaning solution Americans need to remain safe and healthy at work and home.


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RobotPro is the only trusted seller of these
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